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You have to do this, before you can do this

I love this visual from Russell Davies.


There are so many takeaways but I'm going to highlight just one.

When it comes to digital marketing we all look at the bigger companies in order to learn from them.  I mean it makes sense right -  "amateurs borrow - professionals steal" and all that?

The internet can make us look huge and bigger than we actually are, but here's the thing - don't model yourself on the best player in the field if you don't have their story.

The days of copying the rich guys and hoping that the public won't notice are dead and gone.

People expect you to be able to present yourself professionally online, that's now a given, but what they're really looking for is authenticity - and that - for you and your business - looks like nothing else on the planet.

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Image Credit: Russel Davies



The Content Marketing Myth


I like this image - it sums up a lot of conversations I'm currently having with clients.


Some questions for you:

What are you doing to ensure you can consistently repeat steps 1 and 2?  Are you allocating enough time in your calendar or resource in your budget?

Also, if it takes several interactions with new clients before they think of purchasing, does your digital footprint make it easy for them to hear from you?

And, how do you get new visitors to choose to listen to you?  Should the front page of your website promote your product or should it promote your mailing list?

Do something

These are the types of questions you should be obsessing over and acting on.  Every business is different but you all have one thing in common - the ability to try different things and track the results.

If you'd like help answering these questions email me or call on 310 980 2499 and lets chat.

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The Infographic


I've been working with infographics quite a bit recently, it's a great way to communicate with your audience.  Here's a few things you should know:

65% of people are primarily visual learners. 

The brain also processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text!  If you can express your message in a graphical way you make it easier for people to take the information on board - and we're all about making it easy for the customer!

Infographics should tell stories

Good Infographics are hard to produce - you can't just dump a few icons and colors on a page and hope people will be wowed by your design skills.   If you removed the text from an infographic would you still have an idea what it was about?

They're Images!

You should already be familiar with the idea that "an image is the sail that moves your content through the sea of Social Media."  People share images way more than they do text articles - an infographic  is the perfect content type for the social media world.

They're fantastic for SEO

Because people are more likely to share your infographic you tend to generate more links, more social shares, more interest in your content and visits back to your website and that's what it's all about isn't it!

They can be about anything

Here's one we just commissioned for my parents 50th anniversary from UK designer Adam Richardson.  It's unique, tells a great story and is eminently shareable!  Click the image to see it in its full glory!



What kind of infographic do you think would work for your business?  Call me on 310 980 2499 or email me and let's chat.


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Outsource Your Writing With Nico New Media

Today's It's Friday comes from writer extraordinaire Nicole Paulus from Nico New Media:

Just like buying a guitar off Craigslist doesn't make you a rockstar, knowing the alphabet doesn't make you a great writer. If writing isn't a strength of yours, then stop haphazardly handling your content.

Your content represents your brand and your brand brings home the bacon.

You like bacon, don't you?

A Natural Born Writer

In elementary school, I used to come home and "grade" my days in my Tweety Bird diary. As I approached my teen years, I traded that in for a more sophisticated "journal." It was there that I divulged my crush of the week as well as invented my own code to conceal my deepest thoughts from any intruders, (aka my older sister.)

Writing was the way I made sense of my own world. It wasn't until I was an adult, however, that I realized I had the power to help others make sense of complex ideas, thoughts and processes via easily digestible sentences and colorful word choice.

Writing was and still is my passion.

Make Your Life Easier

Outsourcing content strategy and execution will not only enrich your brand's content, but it will free up more time for you to do the things you're actually good at, like running your business and buying cart loads of bacon.

Mmm, bacon.

Get In Touch

I've worked with Nicole on a number of projects and am very happy to recommend her to this list,  You can reach her at or just reply to this email.

Examples of Nicole's work:
company bios, founders bios, blog posts, newsletters, press releases, social media posts, product descriptions

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